Just some new ores they need to put in :)

  • Quartz- $92,487, Very Rare, White Glow
  • Coal- $72, Common
  • Iron- $136, Common
  • Lapis- $129,373, Legendary, Blue Glow, Sparkles
  • Pyrite- $29, Common
  • Mithril- $527,846, Legendary, Red Glow, Sparkles
  • Ice Crystal- $1,427,923, Nearly Impossible, Light Blue Glow, Snowflake Effect Sparkles
  • Impossible-obtainium- $999,999,999,999, Nearly Impossible, Pink Glow, Blows Up Entire Mine When Mined

The last 2 are just the pure opposites of Fire Crystal and Unobtainium

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