Lol so many mining strategies out there! I'll show you some:

  • Straight Line Mining- It's my favorite one although not very effective (though this IS how I found my first and only Fire Crystal), because it's so simple. Just go in a straight line and nab any ore you see along the way (and yes, that means common ores too- Sapphire, Emerald, and Gold, I'm looking at you!). So it's a good way to get cash until you have sufficient upgrades for the other kinds of mining. Like...
  • Strip Mining- Probably the most efficient way to mine. 'Cuz this ain't Minecraft. This is The Quarry. Pretty much just go around banging every piece of Obsidian in sight until you have that Unobtainium you've been looking for for the last 80 years. Or you could resort to a less time-consuming mining method...
  • Branch Mining- Ok maybe this IS Minecraft if the best method there is the best method here. It is similar to straight line mining, but make branches every 2 blocks. So that super shiny Fire Crystal suddenly pops out of nowhere.

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