Being the somewhat proactive person I am, I filled out an adoption request to adopt this wiki. I may not have many edits here, but I am an admin on a somewhat more popular wiki to a more popular roblox game. The people at said wiki trust me and recently voted me VP in our most recent Elections. I was the Leader for the past few months. In that time, I brought the wiki from the brink of total and utter annihilation after a "terrorist" attack on it. I believe I am well fit for admin/bureaucrat status on this wiki. I will lead you well and will not let you down.

On that wiki, I am one of two people to have broke the 3K Edits mark.

"It is better to have hope when there is no chance of success than to have no hope when there is a chance of success." - Freezekiller450 (Me before I changed my username.)

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