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    Worth $661,337
    Spawn Chance Its spawn chance is EXTREMELY low, hence the name.
    Best Way to Obtain Strip mine around the bedrock level, although it can spawn in granite but that's MUCH rarer.

    Unobtainium is a legendary ore that is the rarest out of all the ores, being worth $661,337. It is more expensive than FC, since it sells for $661,337 while FC only sells for $171,072. Less than 1,500 players have ever obtained this ore. Most of these players have found it at Bedrock (-1189).

    It is a blue color, with blue sparkles and sparkles in game. It glows blue.

    In-game description is: It came from pandora!!

    • Also, Unobtainium is also in "Idle Mine", so most likely, Dummiez has played and has got it from the game.
    • Hence its name, Unobtainium, the c…

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