Worth $20167
Spawn Chance Low
Best Way to Obtain

Strip mine in the sapphire layer.


Turquoise is an ore that was added in December 10th, 2014, as of the Roblox Holiday event. Mining it posts that you found it in the chat like the other rares (Excluding Uranium in V1.0). Turquoise is the eighth rarest ore overall, preceded by Uranium and succeeded by Amethyst.

It can only be found in the Sapphire layer, making it hard to spot since it looks like sapphire. You can use its sparkles to spot it more easily.

Detail Edit

Turquoise has the same material as Sapphire and Ruby. Turquoise has the same color as it's name, turquoise. It emits sparkles of the same color.

Badge Description Edit

Badge description: "A magical presence! Players who found this ore during the month of December


Badge earned when you mine turquoise.

have earned the Festive Pickaxe Pack!"

Dave's description: "A rare ornamental stone."



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