We also have an official fan group -


You can find up-to-date information regarding updates here as well as sharing in achievements & reporting bugs. Dummiez is very active on the group and not only welcomes new suggestions for game-play & ores but reads all posts too.

You can only join by request but we have a dedicated staff team including some Roblox Admins that work round the clock accepting miners to the group and making the required promotions.

Current available promotions are as follows -

Less than 10,000 - Novice
10,000 Mined - Skilled
100,000 Mined - Expert
500,000 Mined - Master
1,000,000 Mined - Legendary
5,000,000 Mined - Universal

Just post on the wall once your badge shows & one of the staff will rank you up asap.

And let's say you're in the fan club and you have mined 574,204 blocks. That's Master; whenever you chat before your name it says: "[Master Miner]".