Tektite is a rare ore found in The Quarry and can be found anywhere spawned inside Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald, or in it's raw material. Tektite is the fifth most expensive ore in-game, Unobtainium being first, Viridian being second, FC being third, and Adurite being fourth. Tektite is preceded by platinum and succeeded by adurite.


The block has a pure black color and a red glow. If you don't see the glow, you will most likely pass it since it is dark in the quarry, especially in obsidian. This ore can often be mistaken for unobtainium. The ore's red glow has a similar color to Adurite.

In-game Shop Description Edit

Value: $16384

Description: "Could possibly be extraterrestrial. It hides within..."

Badge description: "Oh dear, how ever will you find this?!? (insert sarcasm here)"

Location Edit

Tektite spawns rarely in dirt, very rarely spawns in stone, rarely spawns in granite and obsidian, and spawns commonly in ore layers. However, like all rare ores, tektite can replace common ores, making it able to be found in all layers.

A good way to find this is by looking for a deep hole and sticking to the corner, to make you fall slower.  Occasionally, you will see a tektite and when you do, mine it!



  • Tektite in The Quarry are based on their reality selves, meaning that this is one of the ores to be based on reality. As many would say, most of the ores are based on reality, while some are based on ROBLOX ideas, or even based on a Sci-Fi movie. Other ores that would be based on reality would be Amethyst and Uranium, for example.
  • Tektite is a type of meteorite in real life!
  • Tektite used to be censored on The Quarry. It isn't censored now, but <13 accounts cannot say it.
  • About 250,000 different people have found tektite.
  • For whatever reason, the game will sometimes spawn this inside of a platinum, resulting in a so-called "Black Glitch Ore". Mining it will give you both the platinum and the tektite. This can also happen with amethyst.
  • The value of this ore is equal to 2^14 dollars.