The Event Edit

ROBLOX Holiday 2014 is one of the annual Christmas ROBLOX events. This year, it is sponsored by the Night At The Museum event from before. Started on December 10, 2014, people can play games to earn prizes. While one prize requires skill, the other is a scavenger hunt. These are the games that are in the event and which prizes are in them;

  • The Quarry made by Dummiez, with the Festive Pickaxe Pack and the Snowman's Head
  • Work At A Pizza Place by Dued1, with the Snowman's Carrot Nose and the Joyful Bell Helmet
  • Sword Fight Tournament by TheGamer101, with the Snowman's Top Hat and the Festive Sword Valkyrie
  • Lasertag! made by Corecii, with the Snowman's Scarf and the Santa of the Future

Snowman's Head Edit

Find a disembodied snowman head somewhere around The Quarry. Not deep in the quarry, but at the surface. It will randomly spawn throughout the hub. Touching one will award you a Snowman's Head.

Festive Pickaxe Pack Edit

Mining Turquoise during the ROBLOX Holiday 2014 event will award you the Festive Pickaxe Pack.

Snowman's Carrot Nose Edit

Find a snowman randomly made in the map.

Touching it will award you with the snowman's carrot nose.

Joyful Bell Helmet Edit

Do hard work at the pizza place!

In order to get the hat, you must do five of each:

Take 5 orders (mobile users don't have to).

Make 5 pizzas.

Box 5 pizzas.

Deliver 5 pizzas.

Bring 5 supply stuff.

Doing all these (IN ONE SERVER, IF YOU LEAVE YOU WILL HAVE TO RESTART) will award you with the Joyful Bell Helmet.