In The Quarry, on the ROBLOX game, we have miners. There are certain miners depending on how many blocks they've mined; the more blocks or ores they have mined the better ranking they will have. There is an official fan group for anyone who loves The Quarry which was made by Dummiez. There are approximately 5-6 different rankings. This will give you the basic requirement in order to obtain this rankings onto your game.

Ranks Edit

Novice Miner = 0 blocks mined. (Anyone can get it) - 1M+ People have this.

Skilled Miner = 10,000 blocks mined. (Common) 100K+ people have this.

Expert Miner = 100,000 blocks mined. (Mild) 30K+ people have this.

Master Miner = 500,000 blocks mined (Rare) 3K + people have this.

Legendary Miner = 1,000,000 blocks mined. (Very rare) 400+ people have this.

Universal Miner = 5,000,000 blocks mined. (Extremely rare) 50+ people have this.

Dummiez Group Edit - is the 'Official Fan Group'

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