Granite Ore




-377 to -776



Total Upgrade Cost:


Granite is the third layer of the mine, after stone. You need to have mined over 1,000 blocks before you can start digging past it.

It is easier to find rares in this layer, but it is harder to dig than the layers above it. But unlike stone (4) and dirt (2), you can earn $12 for selling it. This is the same value as copper. However, it is much more common.

It forms under depth -377 and stops at depth -776.

Copper, Silver, Granite, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Turquoise, Uranium, Amethyst, Platinum, Tektite, Adurite, Viridian, and, very rarely, Fire Crystal can be found within this layer. Unobtainium can be found too but is far more common in Obsidian (and it's rare enough there anyway), and only ONE PERSON has EVER found it in granite. So please don't think you'll ever find it in granite as that would take your lifetime to do.