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It ingame.

Here you'll find information about the Checkpoint Pad you can buy from Steve's General Store.

The Checkpoint Pad cost $450 no matter how many times you buy it. It gives you a checkpoint pad to teleport to that location from anywhere. (Current server use only).

You'll lose the Checkpoint Pad if you leave a server.

Players use the Checkpoint Pad to either reduce the teleportation time when trying to get up from the mine, by teleporting to the checkpoint instead of using the teleport button below the chat, or to make it easier for them to get back in their mine if it's deep or in a hidden place.

The Checkpoint Pad looks like a flat, purple sphere.

Also, you cannot place a checkpoint pad on any type of ore.

You cannot mine a block that holds another person's checkpoint pad. However, you can mine the block that holds your own checkpoint pad.