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Black Glitch Ore

Worth $8,144, $22,480, or $24,528, depending on what it spawned with.
Spawn Chance Unknown. Spawns more often as the mine comes closer to resetting.
Best Way to Obtain Luck. Any time the mine resets, the server might become glitched, meaning that it can spawn these ores.


The Black Glitch Ore, as it is commonly called, is the result of a glitch in the game where it tries to spawn a Platinum in the same position as a Tektite or Amethyst. They can be very valuable, because you get both the platinum and the amethyst/tektite. Sometimes, they might even spawn all three!


The ore's spawn chance is unknown. It seems to only spawn in certain servers, but relatively commonly in those servers. It seems to have an equal spawn chance with Tektite and Amethyst.


It has the appearance of the tektite/amethyst that it spawned with, but it has the sparkles of the platinum. It bears a strong resemblance to Unobtainium, so many will freak out if they find this.


  • This is the only ore in the game to have a varying value.
    1. If spawned with Amethyst: $8,144
    2. If spawned with Tektite: $22,480
    3. If spawned with both: $24,528
  • This is also the only ore in the game to have no badge.